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CNC Abrasive Cutting Machine

CNC Abrasive Cutting Machine/ CNC Sandline Cutting Machine 

A widely used graphite epoxy boards, marble, jade, optical glass, ceramics, ferrite, the semiconductor material, silicon carbide, refractory bricks, which do not Conductive material part of its straight cutting the molding, such as graphite electrodes, and so on.



Type Worktable Travel
Max.thickness of workpiec
Best surface roughness
Sand line specifications
Pulse to the volume
Machine total power
Machine NW
DL5620 200*250 250 and 400 for two choices Ra≤0.4 φ1.0
0.001 2.0 1000
DL5640 400*500 250 and 400 for two choices 1800

This Machine is widely used for cutting graphite electrodes and shaping of  epoxy board, hard alloy materials, marble, jade, optical glass, ceramic, ferrite, semiconductor, silicon carbide, refratory bricks, etc.


CNC Abrasive Wire Cutting Machine is controlled by digital process. It can machine various complex shapes and parts composed by linear lines and circular arc.

The machine tool is composed of bed, coordinate worktable, abrasive wire motion structure, coolant liquid box, lubrication system, illumination and other parts.


1.   Bed

The machine tool is the cast iron box.

Its upper part takes the tray shape.

On the bed, there are coordinate table and moly wire motion mechanism and other components.

Electrical parts arrange in internal or the front side of the bed.


2.  Coordinate worktable:     

The coordinate worktable is composed of the worktable, lower trailing bar, precision roller (slide) screw rod pair and the gearbox.

Use roller track structure for the horizontal and lengthwise movements of the trailing bar.

The worktable movement is realized through the stepped motor, the deceleration gear set and the screw rod pair.

The screw rod nut is pre-tightened axially so as to make the gap between the screw rod and the nut close to zero.

There are 2 T-shaped grooves on the worktable for fixing the clamps. 


3.  Coolant Liquid Tank

Cooling pump send the coolant liquid (kerosene) to the processing area.

Coolant liquid returns to the tank through water pipe. After filtration, recycling.

Coolant tank should be cleaned regularly and timely replaced of the cooling fluid.