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High Speed CNC Wire Cutting EDM Machine- DK7750AZ

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A: Main Parameters

Working Table Size:846* 555mm

Table Travel:630 * 500mm

Max Thickness: 400mm

Max Cutting Speed: 160mm2/min

Best Accuracy:0.015mm

Best Surface Roughness:≤ 2.5um

Wire Speed:5~11.5m/s

Max Cutting Taper:6°/100mm

Min Machining instruction:0.001mm

Min Machining instruction:±9999.999mm

Total Power:≤1.2KVA

Input Voltage:Monophase 50HZ/220V

Max Loading Weight:550KG

Remarks: Bigger Taper,Higher Thickness, Linear Guide, and others are optional. Pls kindly contact us( for the detailed information.