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AZ Series High Speed WEDM

High Speed CNC Wire Cutting EDM Machine -AZ Series

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1) Common Product Description - CNC Wire Cutting EDM

Major Feature of DK77 serial CNC EDM wire-cutting machine lies in that it has no special requirement to the processed metal material properties. In principle, it can process all the conductive materials such as super-hard and hard alloy, quenching materials, stainless steel ductile materials, various magnet steel fragile materials, uneasily-clamped thin wall spares etc.

Main use: It can process various molds such as rubber and plastic molds, punch die and so on. It can be used for the special materials of fragile materials, stainless steel ductile materials, super-hard materials. And the complex-shape spares such as the tapered upper , lower specially-shaped spares, etc, also can be machined. 

2) Product  Parameters - A Series

Remarks: Bigger Taper,Higher Thickness, Linear Guide, and others are optional. Pls kindly contact us( for the detaileed information.